Terms and Conditions

  1. Groups connected to activities at Stellenbosch University will receive priority.
  2. Residences will not be granted to groups during academic semesters as the University reserves residences for housing students.
  3. Online application form must be submitted at least four weeks before the date you plan to move into the residences.
  4. A final name list of occupants must be submitted to Group Accommodation Solutions three weeks before occupation date to enable the kitchen staff to plan the meals for the duration of your stay.
  5. It is required from the Group organiser and the responsible person to contact Group Accommodation Solutions and maintain communication throughout the entire period of your stay.
  6. Students and Scholars must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  7. Upon arrival a complete programme of activities during your stay must be given to the Doormonitor.
  8. Before leaving, the residences both the Doormonitors and the person responsible for the group must set up a name list of the group that utilized the residences .
  9. The Doormonitor and the person responsible for the group shall go through the residences and note the state and contents of every room before the group occupy the residences. Before departing, they shall go through the rooms again to note any damage or losses that may have occurred. The organiser and the person responsible for the group shall be held fully liable for any such damage or loss that the group may render to University property.
  10. If the number of people that will use the residences decrease after the final figures has been confirmed in writing, the group’s account will still be debited in accordance with the confirmed number of people.
  11. The person responsible for the group must ensure that the grounds outside the residences being used are kept clean and litter free.
  12. The University grounds and residences are occupied at own risk, neither Stellenbosch University nor any personnel of the University or Group Accommodation Solutions is to be held liable, whether by implication or categorically, for any injury to any person, loss or damage and loss of property nor any prejudice against any person of the group.
  13. Campus Security reserves the right of way on University grounds and residences. Campus security reserves the right to search any person, vehicle or object entering the premises.
  14. The University reserves the right to act against any member not obeying University rules and regulations or any National Law.


  1. No parties, gatherings and use of liquor will be permitted in the residence.
  2. Although music is allowed, it must be ensured that it does not disturb any other guests in the residence after 21:00.
  3. The University reserves the right to instruct the Campus Security to confiscate, and hold in safekeeping any musical instrument, radio, tape recorder, etc. that is used after 21:00 in such a manner as to cause a disturbance to any of the other guests in the residence.


  1. For the current rates of Visiting Groups, see the rates list included.
  2. All Rooms will be cleaned daily; beds will only be made for groups that selected to have bedding included to their service.
  3. Only groups including bedding in their booking can apply for towels to be available.
  4. Group members must supply their own clothing hangers, irons and/or locks for cupboards as well as lock for room, as these items will not be provided to any group.
  5. The following items must be supplied by the members utilizing the accommodation as this will not be provided by the University:
    • Clothing Hangers
    • Irons
    • Cupboard locks
    • Room door Locks
  6. No heaters may be used inside any residence.

D           DEPOSIT

  1. A deposit of 25%, as stipulated by Group Accommodation Solutions, will be payable in advance.
  2. This mandatory deposit is non-refundable should the accommodation booking be canceled within two weeks of the date of occupation.

E           MEALS

  1. No coffee and tea will be served before breakfast.
  2. No discount will be given should any one of the meals booked are missed due to non-attendance.
  3. All meals shall be provided according to a set menu. No special meals will be served.
  4. Meal times are as follows :
    • Week days
      Breakfast        07:15 to 08:00
      Lunch               12:30 to 13:15
      Supper             18:00 to 19:00
    • Weekends
      Breakfast        08:00 to 09:00
      Lunch               12:30 to 13:15
      Supper             17:30 to 18:30
  5. If the above mentioned times are not adhered to, the group will be held responsible for any extra costs e.g. overtime, transport of personnel etc. which will be debited against the group’s account.

F           Agreement

  1. By accepting the terms and conditions I, as the group organiser / person responsible for the group, hereby confirm that I understand and accept the terms and conditions as stipulated above.
  2. I accept from here on forward full responsibility, in my personal capacity, for any damage or losses that the University may suffer due to direct or indirect action by any of the member from the group.
  3. I indemnify the Stellenbosch University and all its employees against any liability whatsoever which may result, directly or indirectly, from the group’s use of University residences.
  4. I undertake to accompany the group at all times and to exercise the necessary supervision and control over the group.
  5. I agree and understand that for whatever reason (Country regulations, Lockdowns or any COVID-19 related incidents), do NOT permit the residence to host the prospective group, costs relating to flights, etc. CAN NOT be claimed from Group Accommodation Solutions, any Faculty/Department at the University, nor the University of Stellenbosch itself.
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